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Getting tired now

This week was rough from start to finish. I am counting down towards my off week.

Every session this week was hard. Hard to get started, and hard to finish, and hard to get up the next morning. I did raise the intensity in my weight sessions, and that did increase the load and general feeling of exhaustion, as well as aggravate my elbows.

So this week (the last one before rest, yay!) I will do my regular running, but I will go skiing instead of weight training. Hopefully my elbows will be happy with 2 weeks off from weights. Skiing today went very well apart from a biting cold start (it was -15 Celsius and windy), and my elbows agreed with it. I also feel no pain or irritation today, so I am hopeful no damage to my recovery was made.

More lessons learned though, and still the hard way. The latest one. Don’t get carried away with weights until you are fully recovered. Duh!

So, one more week of hell, then my hard-earned week of rest before kicking off another 6 weeks of hardships. Can’t hardly wait.


Full month(y)

Today I can look back at a full month of hard training. The last 2 weeks have been filled to the brim with 6 days of training and one day of rest. I am very proud of myself for getting going with this program, and sticking with it even on days when it has been severely tempting to just go home and watch a movie.

Now it has become habit. I don’t think about it as something I have to do, it is just something I do. The difference is tremendous in my mind, and it is great to be able to relax and have the training take over. No more mid day pep talks. I always end up in the gym, putting in the effort.

I had planned a celebration, but it will have to wait another week. Next friday Gorm and I will go out for a good dinner and a few beers to celebrate one month of training. Then another week after that I will take a week of well-earned rest before kicking off for another 6 weeks of hard training.

Interval training seems to be calling out to me, so I will probably try that out in the next training sequence and see how that goes.

On a side note, tonight was one of those super clear nights, and being in the country side, the sky is magnificent. While walking Dante I just had to stop to admire the stars, and the clarity and beauty of it. You can’t get that in the city. Wonderful experience.

What a day for training!

Monday was the day from hell. I stayed up until almost 4 AM on friday night to watch the Super Bowl, since my Colts were playing. They lost, and I went to bed (looking at 2 hours sleep) thinking it had not been worth it. Work was pretty rough, but I managed. Then came time to run. Every part of my body was aching. I had a headache, and my knees, calfs, heels, stomach and shoulders were hurting from the start. I didn’t think I would make it to 30 minutes, much less the target hour. But I persevered by telling myself I just had 5 more minutes to go. The last five minutes I had to tell myself I only had 30 seconds left. Against all odds I made it through the full hour. It made me really proud. And tired. It felt like I was a broken man going home.

Quick dinner of noodle soup, and letting Dante do his business in the back yard, then off to bed. I slept for 11 hours straight (overslept for work by a full hour!) and I was still tired when I woke up. But I felt better, work went well and I felt good in the gym. But I was dreading the run today. Remembering the pain of monday, I did not want to get on the treadmill at all today.

But a promise is a promise, and I got on the beast. And I felt great. I felt like I could run forever. No pains or aches of any kind for the first time since I started running, and I was able to talk with Gorm and Robin until I cranked up the incline and pace for the last 15 minutes to get a little pulse going. Then after, I threw up some sit ups between stretches and also did my prescribed antagonist exercises.

Best workout I have had since 2000.  Man does it feel great, and now I am looking forward to the run on friday!

Training made fun

Another great week gone by. 3 one hour runs, and 2 sessions of weight training is delivered as promised to myself. Tomorrow I am going to drop by the gym at work for another session of weights.

My energy is high, I feel stronger and fitter than I can remember (probably since I was in the army more than 10 years ago) and with a committed training partner it is a lot of fun to push myself to train hard. Gorm is an inspiration, and I don’t know if I could have done it without him. He has certainly made it a lot easier, and more fun with his bright outlook and dedication to getting in shape for the new season.

I think now that my elbow injury is a blessing in disguise. It has allowed me to focus on the one factor that would have continued to limit my climbing potential for who knows how long. My weight. Or rather, my extra weight. I am pretty confident that by the summer I will have disposed of most of it, and as a result I will become a stronger and better climber for it.

For the first time in several months I am not in a rush to get to the climbing gym. I miss climbing a lot, but outdoors climbing only. Indoor climbing is like a work out for me, a means to an end, not the end itself like outdoor climbing. The feel of rock under my hands, the adrenaline, the puzzle, that’s what I miss. But it will come in good time, and I am sure this will be a great season.

Again looking forward to a new week. Ain’t it grand?

One hour!

Made the first full hour run today. And after the work day from hell too. I am super pleased that I made it on the treadmill in the first place, and going the full hour as planned is outstanding.

Can’t wait to do it again on wednesday.