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2 entertaining weeks

Well it has been a couple of entertaining weeks. Training has gone well. My weight training program is getting really hard, and I have felt some discomfort in my right knee, but not while I am working out. I think it is the volume of squats I have been doing that causes the discomfort. I ran a hard interval training session yesterday, and the knee is actually better today, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is not a major problem. I am fresh out of patience for such things these days.

I’m hitting new personal bests every time I lift now, and especially the deadlifts have been a revelation. Technique is worth a lot, it seems. But still can’t do the damn chin ups, and it bothers me a lot, since I could do one on my fingerboard this fall. Amazing how that kind of strength has dropped from 4 months of no climbing and training. I will get over the hump though, and once I do, I will be racking them suckers up like it is going out of fashion.

Running has been good to me as well, I can do 10k in one hour consistently, and I’m juicing up my interval training as well, so that part of my training is uplifting for sure.

In between all this training and work, I managed to get hooked on The Wire, and watched all 5 seasons in a couple of weeks. Took a lot of time, and the only place I could get it from was sleep. So I have been a little sleepy lately. Fortunately, I’m done with it now, and can get back to 8-9 hour nights.

Easter is skiing for me. I am going to do about 60k over the next three days. That should burn a bit of fat I expect. So close to my next target of 80 kg I can smell it. Maybe monday?


Interval training ftw!

Did my first session of 4×4 interval training today, and it was hard but really good.

4 minutes on the treadmill, 4 minutes on the bike 4 times. 32 minutes all in all. Ended the last interval on the treadmill with pulse of 179. Should be pretty damn close to max, and I was completely empty after. But it felt great to just put it all in and not look back.

And so a new tool is added to the training toolkit. Once a week intervals, and 2 long runs/skiing will be the new cardio setup. Also looking forward to the next session of Stronglift 5×5 tomorrow. Exciting times.

Rest week almost over

I have felt tired and lazy all week, and I am really looking forward to getting back to training again tomorrow.

Found a new strength regimen that I will follow for the next 12 weeks and see how it goes. It is called Stronglifts 5×5. Interesting stuff and I am looking forward to seeing how my body responds to it. It starts off relatively easy, but it gets hard pretty quickly. Time will tell.

But starting with running tomorrow. 10k in one hour is the target.

6 weeks done and dusted

6 weeks of hard training is done and dusted. Polished ’em off with 3 hours skiing on saturday and a 10 k run on sunday. Very happy with that. 10 k was the goal, and it was met on the very last day of the cycle. Satisfying for sure.

Now I am dead tired from food poisoning yesterday. Hell of a way to start my week of rest. And after only 2 days of not training I feel lazy and slow. I am going to pick myself up tomorrow and get some stuff done around the house and shovel the walkway before the snow gets too wet and heavy from the sun we’re supposed to get this week. But there is no denying I am really looking forward to starting up again next week.

Tomorrow is physical therapy, and I hope to get some decent news, but we’ll see.

Funny thing that while I am training hard, I don’t think so much about climbing. But now I ache to scale some rock. Being patient is hard when it feels like you’re just wasting time.