New fitness project

Every morning I drive to work. It takes 45 minutes, give or take. After about 30 minutes I pass a sign that says parking + bus. For a while I have contemplated taking advantage of the parking space, and instead of taking the bus, riding my bicycle the rest of the way to work. But I have been loathe to try it because the return journey after a hard days work strikes me as torturous uphill pedaling.

Today I tried it to see how much time it takes, and to decide if it is something I would be prepared to undertake on a daily basis. I was also going to lift some weights at the gym at work before returning to the car.

The ride to work from the parking was surprisingly hard and lasted a good 40 minutes. Towards the end of the ride I was starting to feel it in my lower back and even more so a little lower than that… Turns out it is almost 14 kilometers one way. And almost 30 for the round trip. Might not sound like a lot if your a pedal machine, but for me, it’s (more than) enough. When I arrived at work I discovered I had forgotten the access card, so I could not get into the gym. Instead I had my lunch, hung my jacket to dry and tried to compose myself for the return journey. It was indeed hideous. My ass hurt like hell. My lower back as well. My thighs were burning from going up all the time. At least it felt that way, but there were brief stretches of respite where I could stand on the pedals and stretch my aching back. In the end I did arrive at the car one hour after departure from my place of employment.

Well home, after a shower and a hot cup of herbal tea (with chilli and cocoa) I decided I would give it a go. Monday is a shit day to start anything, and I have a lot of errands to run anyways. So Tuesday is D-day for project “Ride a bicycle one-third of the way to work and back again”. I think I will try to do 2 or three days this week, and then see how it feels.

The hardest part just might be to get up a full hour and fifteen minutes earlier to manage to do the bike ride and take a shower before starting work. 4 am does not sound too damn tempting. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I used my HRM on the return trip, and it said I had used over 700 calories. I estimate the total both ways around 1200 calories. Which is not bad at all. Combine that with walking for 3-4 hours at work and taking Dante for walks in the evening I should be able to drop some weight for sure. We’ll see how much of an optimist I am in a couple of weeks…


1 Response to “New fitness project”

  1. 1 Anonym Astmatiker August 31, 2010 at 15:36

    Sounds like a good thing to do man. Just remember: You can’t outrun a donut. I guess you can’t out-pedal it either 😉

    Ps: Lucky you who spend workdays walking instead of hunched over a desk like me.


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