I have pedaled to work 2 days in a row. Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I lifted weights after work before I pedaled back to the car, and today I worked 12 hours, spent 7 of those hours schlepping tons of mail around, then pedaled back to the car. Both days I was pretty tired before getting on the bike, but pushed through. And mornings are getting cold. So I’m pretty pleased with myself for doing it more than once. I am also pushing down the time every day, which is motivating.

Times so far.

To work : 41 min – 38 min – 35 min.

Back to the car: 60 min – 45 min – 42 min.

60 minutes on sunday because I was so damn sore. The other days I have a lot of hours between trips so that’s the reason for the huge gap in time. Hope to do both ways in 60 minutes total one day. Hehe. Aiming high in everything.

Tomorrow I will take the car because I am heading off to Telemark right after work. A friend of mine and I are going to Gaustatoppen (summit 1883 meters above sea level) on saturday, and we’re camping out friday night. Forecast is excellent, and the view is supposed to be extraordinary. Will post pics.

Monday I hope to climb. That leaves the rest of the week for pedaling. Looking forward to it. I really am. Crazy, I know.


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