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Something had to give?

I’ve been dreading this post for a long while. I mean really dreading it. I think if no one actually read this I would have written it ages ago. Kinda odd, but there it is…

I haven’t touched anything steeper than a flight of stairs since september. I haven’t done any training. I haven’t even been to work.

I was training hard, work got out of hand and one of my very best friends and regular climbing buddy moved up north. All in all I got over loaded and seriously blue. Kinda hard to talk about in a public place like this, and I know I don’t have to, but I want to be straight up and honest.

The last couple of months have been spent trying to escape reality, through tv marathons (full season of 24 in 2 days…), computer games and fantasy books. I am glad I have Dante, because without him, I wouldn’t have gone out the door at all probably.

Today I find writing this less hard (might be why I’m actually doing it). I’ve gotten better over the last couple of weeks, and Nigel has messaged me on steam a couple of times giving me links to amazing climbing stuff, and today I have been reading the Norwegian climbing mag Klatring + Rock & Ice and I’ve been kinda inspired. First time Since September that I have felt like doing anything. And it feels kinda good.

A friend of mine is coming by tomorrow to help me start my car, and I hope with my car working again I will try some indoor bouldering next week. Hope. It’s a cool thing.

Big thanks to Nigel for the awesome links and cool chats. You’ve been a big help. And an apology to the people reading and commenting. I will do better.

In other news it is now full blown winter, cold and snow. Hopefully there is some skiing in my near future. But I’m not putting any pressure on myself at the moment. I am focusing on getting back on my feet and back to a semblance of normal life. Then I will get back to training.

In closing, I hope I haven’t stepped over any intimacy boundraries here. What was a climbing/training blog is suddenly very personal. Just the way it goes sometimes, I guess. I hope to be all pro again soon. 😉