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February is done for

Cardio, cardio, cardio. That is the tune at the moment. And I feel stronger, faster, lighter and brighter allready.

The new gym is very good, the equipment is first class, and they have exactly what I need for my custom workouts. It is great to be able to just do the exercises the right way, and not have to modify stuff to get close to what I want to do. Pleased with that. And I am on target as well. Can’t complain there.

Had a great weekend in Haugesund and Stord. Went to Øyo festival 2011 on saturday and saw some pretty good bands there. Wonderbelly was a definitive highlight, and if you get a chance to see them, you should do that. Weather was shit though, but what can you do?

Now it is back to work. And guess what. I’m loving it.


February going well

Last week was very good. I had 4 good cardio sessions in a row from monday to thursday. My hrm tells me my workouts burn around 800 calories which I think is pretty damn good. Solid hour on the treadmill every time.

Took the weekend off. Well deserved I thought.

More cardio to come… And maybe a bit of climbing as well. I hope so.

Quick update

I pulled something in my neck during weight training last tuesday, or rather, I pulled it the week before, but repulled it on tuesday and it really, really hurt this time. So no hardcore training in the following days. Surrendered on Thursday and went to see my chiropractor. She did wonders, and by sunday I was feeling pretty good. But my training had been put on hold for almost a week. Only small walks with Dante to keep things loose.

But today I got on the treadmill and ran for a full hour. Felt amazing. I knew something serious had to be done because this morning I discovered I had not gained a few pounds since september, I had gained 9 kilos! Shocker… Well not really. 4 months of sitting on my ass and stuffing my face with comfort food will do that to ya. But I’ve lost twice that much before, and aim to do it again this spring. But it means massive amounts of cardio. We’ll see how much I can take. And of course, a low carb, low fat, high protein diet.

Chiropractor again tomorrow. Hoping it will be the last session, but I’m happy to just do cardio for a few weeks anyway. Time will tell.

No wonder climbing got so much harder. My muscles atrophied and I got 9 kilos heavier. Talk about a slap in the face…

Oh well.

Help please

Mammut is celebrating 150 years, and have a contest going to join the expeditions in 2012. I have registered and need all the support I can get. So register at Mammut Basecamp and support Mount Wolverine. If you make a mountain too (you’ll understand when you check it out) I will support you too.

Link here.


Days are getting brighter, spirits getting higher

January has brought brighter days in every sense of the word for me. The last 8 days have seen 6 workouts which should mean I am well and truly back on track. 4 runs and 2 weight sessions have been hard, but feels great to be back on.

Maybe I will even climb in a week or two. But I really want to get my body back in the right state of mind if you know what I mean, before I go bouldering again. Last time was pretty disappointing…

I will be doing weekly workout updates from now on, and hopefully there will be some climbing to report soon as well. Come spring I know I will be cranking like mad. Yep, I will it so.