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5 hard sessions of cardio was enough

It turned out that 5 hard sessions of cardio before 5 hours of physical labour was enough for me last week. No energy for strength training. But fitness result were good. My pulse is going down with the same intensity, and even when I am tired, I can still get through it.

Weekend was pretty bad, saturday was spent with a splitting headache, and sunday I recouperated. Monday I still felt like crap so I skipped any workouts.

But yesterday was great. Did cardio (increased intensity) first, then I did a strength workout after a little nibble. Felt great afterwards as well. Getting ready for some hard cardio today as we speak.

Weight loss was dissapointing this week, but I’m not too concerned. Hopefully I will shed some more weight this week.


Another week gone by

Did 3 sessions of hard cardio and 3 short sessions of strength training this week. Weightloss on schedule.

My strength sessions are mostly core and antagonist strength (push ups, hanging leg ups, bridge, reverse wrist curls) but include some dead hangs from my fingerboard as well. 5 x 10 count on good holds, and 5 x 5 count on small tricky holds. Allready feeling stronger after 3 sessions so that feels good.

Hope to get back to 5 cardio sessions this week in addition to continuing the strength sessions. Will be working a little later this week, so I might go for doing the strength work at the gym, and just doing deadhangs (and maybe some rotator cuff exercises) at home. We’ll see how it turns out.

I am nackered when weekend comes, but I feel fitter and stronger every week. This season will be something else I am sure of it.

Slow weekend

This past week has been really good. I have been working hard, but still managed to do an hour of cardio before work every day from monday to friday. And I can feel significant improvement in my stamina allready. My pulse has dropped about 15 bpm at the highest intensity level of my workout. So next week I’ll probably turn it up a notch to keep pushing myself.

I also weighed myself on tuesday and I am down 4 kilos ( or almost 9 pounds for you non-metrics out there) in february. That’s basicall half of what I gained while being down and out. So I feel really good about that, and the target is similar drop in weight through march.

Friday was really rough, and I felt dead tired, and my body was aching a bit, so I am just taking it easy this weekend to let the body recover properly. Saturday was a little better, and today I feel pretty much back to normal and ready for another hard week of cardio.

I am sorry this blog has turned into a mental health/weight loss blog instead of a climbing blog as intended. I promise to get some climbing in here as soon as the outdoor season starts. In the meantime I am determined to reach a weight, or rather a physical state where my climbing technique is the most important factor in reaching my goals. As it is now, my weight is driving me nuts because things that should be really easy are beyond me because I carry too much dead weight. And thus, this will remain a weight loss blog for a couple of months more.

Kilimanjaro has been added to my to-do list, and so I have aquired the Rosetta Stone software and set out to learn Swahili. I will let you know how that goes as well. I have also discovered that contrary to my assumptions (don’t know where I picked it up) Kilimanjaro is actually not in Kenya, but in Tanzania. Good to know.