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April come she will

And I hope she leaves again quickly, because she has not been kind to me at all.

The stomach bug from hell, a wicked cold, and last, but certainly not least, my grandfather died.

I have been off kilter since I heard. It is the first time in my life someone close to me has died, and it is difficult to get to grips with the finality of it. Probably the saddest Easter I have ever seen. And I am worried about my grandmother as well.

All right. Enough of the sad stuff. I promised I would post the custom Climber Strong workout developed with the personal trainer, and here it is.

Workout A

Pull downs – machine with wide grip to isolate the lats as much as possible.

Tricep pull down – machine with rope grip, pull down, then extend arms for tricep isolation.

Pullups – assisted at first, hopefully on my own soon.

Pushups – narrow handstand to isolate tricep and wide handstand to isolate chest and shoulder every other time

Rotator cuff series – rubber bands for resistance, 4 different arm positions.

Inverted flyes – leaning on a bench at 30 degrees to work the muscles between the shoulderblades

Overhead press – shoulder workout

Scottcurls – with Z-bar and palms down to work the brachialis

Workout B

Squats – bar held above head on straight arms to focus on core rather than thighs


Then 2 exercises with a pilates ball I have no english name for (and I’m too lazy to do any research) so I will just try to explain them. First one you are flat on your back with your legs straight and your feet on top of the ball. Then you raise your hips until your body is in a straight line and hold for a few seconds before dropping almost back down and repeat. Second one you start in the end position of the previous exercise (body straight with feet on ball) and you pull the ball towards you by bending your knees in, then returning to the original position. Both are harder than you’d think, and amazing for core, glutes and  hamstrings.

Walking on tiptoes – with weights as heavy as you can hold. Static strength to avoid the sewing machine, or at least that’s the theory, we’ll see…

Prone bridge – on bosu ball with one leg lifted at a time. Great for core, not as hard on shoulders and back as normal prone bridge.

Leglifts with ball – back on ball, hands secured, then lift legs.

Hanging leglifts

Inverted rows – in Smith machine, wide grip for lats and narrow grip for brachialis every other time.

Squats – on Bosu ball, another phenomenal core workout.

So, that’s the new workout. Every other day I will be doing this core intensive workout. It is about as exciting as a workout can be for me. Custom made for me. Pretty sweet.


Professional help

So I had a meeting with a personal trainer, and we discussed my needs as a climber, went through a wide variety of exercises, and in the end agreed on a selection that should cover the major antagonists, but focus on the major climbing muscles (lats, brachialis and core).

My personal trainer is now (hopefully) in the process of turning this selection of exercises into 3-4 balanced sessions. And on tuesday we have 50 minutes to go through the exercises I don’t have experience with, to make sure I do them correctly.

It is pretty exciting to start with this kind of custom workout instead of the generics I have been doing so far. When I get the finished schedule I will post it here for review. 😉

Not much luck on the health front, as my stomach bug was relieved of duty by a sneaky cold. It’s not too bad though, and I expect to be fully fit again tomorrow. But it did pretty much ruin my weekend.

Edited the title because of all the damn spam comments caused by the previous title.

Overdue update

I had a great period of trainng interrupted by the stomach bug from hell. Five days of diarrhea and vomiting, two of those among the worst days of my life. It was draining. Literally and figuratively. Don’t know exactly what it was, could have been food poisoning, or as the doctor said, something sinister is going around… After that ordeal I took another 5 days off from training to recover.

And this monday I started up again. It has been hard this week but I am getting through it. Looking forward to saturday when I will be having a session with a personal trainer to customize a “climber strong” workout. Should be interesting, and hopefully productive. We shall see.

Hope to get going next week with a project I have called “4 weeks of hell”.  Was supposed to start this week, but life has been getting in the way a little bit so I have postponed. “4 weeks of hell” is basically 12 workouts every week for four weeks. Two sessions every weekday (before and after work) and one session on saturday and one on sunday. Total of 8 sessions of cardio, 3 sessions of strength and one session of climbing. The goal is to really blow off the last bit of dead weight so I can focus on climbing, and getting strong for the big trip.

Wish me luck…