11 sessions in 5 days

When I got back from the funeral up north I hurled myself back into training, and did a whopping 11 sessions (7 cardio, 3 strength and 1 bouldering) in just 5 days. Then my body said “Dude, take a break!”. Which I did. Rest day on Wednesday (if you can call 4 hours of walking at work and then shopping at IKEA a rest day…). Felt great again on Thursday and did 2 sessions, one cardio and one strength, before work.

And this morning (friday) I had a huge cardio workout. 90 minutes! Average pulse of 140 which is 75% of my max pulse. It was 60 minutes of hard uphill walking followed by 30 minutes of running. And I felt good throughout.

This weekend I am going to do a bike ride in the morning (Saturday and Sunday), and garden work (!) on Saturday. Sunday will hopefully yield a bouldering session as well.

Things are looking good.


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  1. 1 Anonym Astmatiker May 19, 2011 at 14:48


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