First day on real rock!

Gorm and I headed out to Hvalsberget for some familiar surroundings for the first day of outdoor climbing this season. Weather was good, nice but not too hot on the wall. I felt good. Gorm had a bit of a cold and didn’t feel that great.

So I strolled up a 5.7/5.8 for the warmup. It was so easy it was almost boring. But a good warmup, and I was able to focus on my footwork, which is always good to do on easier ground.

Next up was a 5.10b I did many times last season, as it was one of the 3 coolest routes at Hvalsberget (not counting the 2 I have not done yet). But I have no memory for moves, and I forgot a crucial foothold and took a fall. But I was very happy that even on the first day of outdoor climbing, I still climbed until I dropped. No hangdogging when it’s not necessary ’round here!

After the fall I noticed the foothold and cruised up until the upper third, where things got wet and slippery. I usually skip several bolts on this route, but not yesterday. I clipped every bolt, and on the wet top part, I wanted more bolts! But I pulled through with some slow and methodical climbing void of sudden movements. Good mental practice!

I will post a couple of pics from the day as soon as I remember to bring my camera back in from the car, or when I am not too lazy to run out and get it…

There was supposed to be climbing again today, but it rained away. Forecast is good for tomorrow, so hopefully a good session will be had. And on Thursday I will climb my first 5.11. I will it so. Even bought a pair of new shoes for the occasion. My first Mad Rocks. Hope the science friction can deliver…


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