The end is nigh

Completely thought I had made a post yesterday, but today it seems I did not. What can you do?
Yesterday was better. I walked a bit, 9,5 km to be precise. It felt good. There is a nice 800 meter hill nearby, and I did 3 passes up and down over 2 sessions, and felt no badness in my knee.

Today was better. I walked a bit, 12,8 km to be precise. It felt good. Did 6 passes of the hill over 2 sessions, and felt no badness in my knee. As close to happy as I think it is possible to get while depriving one self of basically everything but water…

I will try to make 3 more passes in a third session around 6 o’clock. If it feels as good as the first two sessions, I will test the body even more with 3 x 4 passes tomorrow. It does feel like I am approaching the limits of what I can do while on this diet, so I will see how it goes. But to be able to walk a fair bit down hill, and push pretty hard on the way up without discomfort in my knee is very good news. And it hopefully means I can work hard next week, and have a decent activity level in the last week of the program.

Two interesting phenomenon discovered as well. Number one is the fact that I feel perfectly fine in the morning, and completely shit at night. I anticipated feeling like shit, so that is no surprise, but feeling perfectly normal in the mornings this far into Hell Week is surprising. It seems my body refuel the glycogen stores from my fat reserves during the night, which means my energy levels are actually normal in the mornings. Then they are gradually depleted during the day, and when empty somewhere around 5-6ish (based on how I feel) leave me feeling like shit all evening.

Number two is experienced when walking. On my passes down hill I feel faint and weak. But when I up the intensity and my pulse passes 140 bpm or so, I suddenly feel fine. And so the hard uphill passes feel better than the easy downhill passes. Odd? I think so. But certainly not complaining. Oh no!

And that concludes the blogging for today.


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