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28 days of hell begun

Actually it hasn’t really felt like hell at all. It has felt good. 10 workout sessions in 6 days including one bouldering session at the gym and one mean (first of the season) bike ride.

My new custom strength workout feels really good, and I am very excited to roll with that for a while. Core and upper body strength is certainly not something I have in abundance, and I expect solid improvements over the next 3 months before The Big Trip.

Cardio has also been going well. Good sessions, and improvements in stamina evident by lower and lower max pulse on the same settings on the treadmill.

And most exciting of all, my climbing session today was spectacular compared to the one in january. I warmed up nice and easy, then sent 5 out of 6 green problems I attempted. The one I failed to send was towards the end, and I had two flappers and felt pretty much done so I didn’t stress the last move. I’ll get it next time. Suprisingly I felt pretty graceful on a couple of the problems. The rest felt desperate though… But yeah, 10 kilos lighter makes a huge bit of difference. My problem solving muscle and footwork need tuning. Otherwise I felt solid.

May is going to be wicked. I will it so.


Gym bouldering

Went to the gym to do some plastic bouldering again today.

I really wish it felt more like climbing on rock. But it doesn’t feel like that at all. It feels like lifting weights. Which is fine. It just doesn’t lift me.

But it was a good session. I managed to polish off 2 more blue problems, and that was very satisfying. The second one I really had to work for, and that was a lot of fun. It is really strange how a hold goes from something I slip right off on the first couple of tries, to something I can actually pull a move on after a few tries. It felt so good to be able to pull the final move off this sloper I had slipped off so many times. I find I enjoy this process very much. I hardly ever do it on routes, don’t know why, but I don’t. But on bouldering problems, it really works like a charm a lot of the time. I even tried one move probably 30-40 times without sticking it. But I got really close in the end. Next time I’ll have it.

So in the end, I was smiling when I left. I enjoy doing the blue problems. They are more fun than the green ones. But there are still green ones that are beyond me. So still work to do in the green zone, I guess. Maybe it is not quite like lifting weights. But certainly not like rock. And better with company than alone.

Feeling progress is fun. When all the hard work pays off by being able to climb something a little bit harder than before. That’s what it is all about. Maybe there will be a yellow problem wrapped up for christmas? With a nice bow? I hope so.

Bit of gym bouldering

Went to the gym for some bouldering today with OA and a couple of his friends. Unfortunately we thought they closed at ten, when in fact they closed at nine. So just one hour of climbing time.

Anyways, I got through a few interesting problems, and did another blue problem. Which was really cool. With a heel hook! OA says I have to do a different blue problem every time now, so I guess I need to do as I am told.

My elbows felt fine, and I actually felt stronger than I have in a while. Maybe it is the vegetable juice I have started making and drinking…

OA is going to Fontainebleau next week. Good thing I’m not going. I would blow my elbows off in 3 days. I’m still a little jealous, but find a way to wish him the best weather, health and friction for the trip. Go crank crazy!

Bouldering at Hellerud

OA invited me to go bouldering at Hellerud today, and I’m all for it. Met up around 4:30 pm, strapped on our pads and started off into the forest.

New experience for me, but a ton of fun. And almost no jugs at all. Took some getting used to.

Most of the problems we did were graded “Easy”. It seems the topo regards everything between 1-4 as easy. But I did one 5 something (V0+/V1). Hopefully OA can drop by and give a comment with the name and grade of the problem. It was neat, and seemed right impossible at first, but came along with a few tries. Gotta give things time to gel I guess.

Had a near accident as well towards the end. We managed to put both pads in the wrong position, so when I took a fall, I hit the ground right outside the pad. It felt like it could have hurt, but for some reason didn’t. Jarred my head pretty good, and I decided it was time to call it a day… Will be more careful about pad placement next time. So again, living and learning.

Really looking forward to the next time!

Late nite bouldering

Went for a couple of hours of late night bouldering with OA today. Got there around quarter till 9 and left around 11 (closing time).

Had a lot of good burns. Did my first blue problem. Very pleased with that. Was yet again reminded of how much cooler it is to climb with someone, than it is to climb alone. Got some good tips on technique, footwork and creating my own problems when I run out of ready-made problems around my level. Which was a cool thing to do.

OA also showed me the fabled exercise room. And it was pretty cool. System wall, finger boards, campus boards, red cord, weights, and some stuff I don’t know the name for. I am looking forward to trying the system wall sometime. Again I got some good tips on how to use the fingerboard more effectively. Good stuff.

I had fun climbing, it is great to learn new stuff and the company was good. Looking forward to the next time.

Shabby Sunday

Woke up today feeling pretty shabby still, but I really wanted to climb. So I took Dante for a wee walk, had breakfast and got in the car. Since I wasn’t feeling too hot, I decided to go to the gym.

On the way to the gym a headache snuck in, and almost made me turn back. But I bitch slapped  myself (mentally) into submission and went anyway. It was a slow and rough start. My Katanas still hurt like hell, and it’s been a long time since I did anything indoors. The top floor of bouldering confused me. I couldn’t find anything to climb. I just stood and looked at the wall, and it felt like I was looking at one of those pictures with random colors, where if you let your focus slip to infinity you can see an image. I slipped out of focus several times, but no image revealed itself. No problems either. So I went down to the lowest level and did some of the green problems there.

And that’s where it got better. I did 2 problems and started working on a third when I got to talking with a guy, Thomas. A fellah from Denmark, who climbs pretty much the same level as I do. So we worked a few problems together, and it was cool. So much more motivating when you are two. With Thomas on the team, I managed to do 2 more problems I thought was beyond me. That was awesome!

So I flexed my underdeveloped social muscles and we got to talking about outdoors climbing. Seems we might be going to Hauktjern on Saturday. Striking up a conversation with strangers is not my fortè, so I celebrated with an ice mocha and a chocolate scone. And I realized I have to get some more quickdraws now that Gorm took back his gear. Hmmm, gear shopping. Gotta love that!

So, I got a series of good burns, sent some problems (that felt good), and just might have found a climbing partner. Not too bad for a shabby Sunday.

Tokerud Bouldering

After work today I took Dante with me and we went up to Tokerud to see if we could find the bouldering that is supposed to be there.

And find it we did. There were a lot of people there, so I didn’t look too closely with Dante in tow, or rather Dante towing me, but I saw some really rad lines. And there is tons of stuff to do there. A 3-4-5 meter tall wall that stretches for I don’t know how long up there. Maybe 500 meters?

As soon as I have tested my elbows a little more with regular slab/vertical climbing I will give it a go up there. Like I said, there are some nice lines, and it looks like there is a good variety in types of problems.

Looking forward to it. But with the amount of people there today, I’ll probably avoid saturday afternoons…