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Another good week for working out

Been strong this week as well, needed a rest day but will still finish with 11 sessions in the last 7 days.

Cardio is going very well, my fitness is increasing steadily and now I intend to start throwing in an interval session here and there. I will see how it feels but 2-3 interval sessions per week should shake things up nicely, as I have not been losing much weight lately, in spite of working out a lot. I am hoping it is partly because of added muscle from my strength workouts, but I fear my body has adapted to the demands. And so I change from 1 hour sessions to alternating between 35 minute interval sessions, and 90-120 minute low intensity sessions.

Strength training will continue as is, since it feels good, and I feel stronger all around.

And later today I am going bouldering again at the gym. Hopefully I will crack the blue problem I tried last time. But no pressure, it’s just to get back the feeling before Gorm arrives and the outdoor season kicks in.