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Tis the season

Been a while since my last post again. Nothing much of note has happened. I am going to school learning project management 5 days a week, so there has been little time and energy for climbing. And after the big trip I feel even less motivated for indoor climbing than ever before. Training has been progressing well though, and I am stronger than I have ever been right now, and still improving noticeably from week to week.

I have done less cardio than previous years, adjusted my diet to include more vegetables to make sure I get my nutrition on. 😉 My home juicer has been taking a beating juicing everything from the standard apples to heavier and harder stuff like beets, ginger, carrots, etc. I feel healthier and my energy levels are up. I think there is something there…

As for strength training I have been doing all bodyweight resistance training. The likes of push ups, planks, squats, shoulder presses (scary stuff when you’re getting tired) and isometric explosive exercises to recruit as much “fiber” as possible. strength gains have been nothing short of phenomenal, all though it should probably be said the starting point was pretty miserable. The main reason for chosing body weight resistance training is the core benefit. Every single exercise strengthens my core in addition to the particular antagonist muscle groups targeted. Browsing now for a pull up bar to add some climbing relevant training to the repertoire. I am sure this focus on core muscles will pay off in my climbing this season.

I did some running, but asphalt running returned my old knee problems, so I scrapped that and have started cycling instead. Being a bony guy deep inside, I doubt I will put up much dead weight in my thighs with the training levels I am doing.

Tomorrow is earmarked for a trip to Hauktjern to check the conditions. I was at Skullerud on sunday, and the rock was dry there, so I am hopeful the outdoor season is just a partner away. I miss Gorm…

If you’re in the area and need a partner: I got stupid amounts of gear, will travel. Nuff said.

And I’m getting really excited now. I will a great season into existence. 🙂


Another good week for working out

Been strong this week as well, needed a rest day but will still finish with 11 sessions in the last 7 days.

Cardio is going very well, my fitness is increasing steadily and now I intend to start throwing in an interval session here and there. I will see how it feels but 2-3 interval sessions per week should shake things up nicely, as I have not been losing much weight lately, in spite of working out a lot. I am hoping it is partly because of added muscle from my strength workouts, but I fear my body has adapted to the demands. And so I change from 1 hour sessions to alternating between 35 minute interval sessions, and 90-120 minute low intensity sessions.

Strength training will continue as is, since it feels good, and I feel stronger all around.

And later today I am going bouldering again at the gym. Hopefully I will crack the blue problem I tried last time. But no pressure, it’s just to get back the feeling before Gorm arrives and the outdoor season kicks in.

5 hard sessions of cardio was enough

It turned out that 5 hard sessions of cardio before 5 hours of physical labour was enough for me last week. No energy for strength training. But fitness result were good. My pulse is going down with the same intensity, and even when I am tired, I can still get through it.

Weekend was pretty bad, saturday was spent with a splitting headache, and sunday I recouperated. Monday I still felt like crap so I skipped any workouts.

But yesterday was great. Did cardio (increased intensity) first, then I did a strength workout after a little nibble. Felt great afterwards as well. Getting ready for some hard cardio today as we speak.

Weight loss was dissapointing this week, but I’m not too concerned. Hopefully I will shed some more weight this week.

Another week gone by

Did 3 sessions of hard cardio and 3 short sessions of strength training this week. Weightloss on schedule.

My strength sessions are mostly core and antagonist strength (push ups, hanging leg ups, bridge, reverse wrist curls) but include some dead hangs from my fingerboard as well. 5 x 10 count on good holds, and 5 x 5 count on small tricky holds. Allready feeling stronger after 3 sessions so that feels good.

Hope to get back to 5 cardio sessions this week in addition to continuing the strength sessions. Will be working a little later this week, so I might go for doing the strength work at the gym, and just doing deadhangs (and maybe some rotator cuff exercises) at home. We’ll see how it turns out.

I am nackered when weekend comes, but I feel fitter and stronger every week. This season will be something else I am sure of it.