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Other news

And in other news, I had to take an unwanted rest day today. I showed up at the gym as usual for a workout today. The plan was interval training followed by strength training. But I had to bail just over halfway on the interval because I had no energy. It felt like I had not eaten for hours, even though it was only just over an hour since my usual breakfast.

Since I didn’t have the strength to finish the intervals I decided to postpone the strength training as well, and went for a nap at work instead. I had the same feeling at work, even though I ate more than usual, so I decided to rest the entire day. Maybe the rain was ok after all, that way I didn’t waste a day at the crag.

But I hope tomorrow will be better in every way.


Another good week for working out

Been strong this week as well, needed a rest day but will still finish with 11 sessions in the last 7 days.

Cardio is going very well, my fitness is increasing steadily and now I intend to start throwing in an interval session here and there. I will see how it feels but 2-3 interval sessions per week should shake things up nicely, as I have not been losing much weight lately, in spite of working out a lot. I am hoping it is partly because of added muscle from my strength workouts, but I fear my body has adapted to the demands. And so I change from 1 hour sessions to alternating between 35 minute interval sessions, and 90-120 minute low intensity sessions.

Strength training will continue as is, since it feels good, and I feel stronger all around.

And later today I am going bouldering again at the gym. Hopefully I will crack the blue problem I tried last time. But no pressure, it’s just to get back the feeling before Gorm arrives and the outdoor season kicks in.

11 sessions in 5 days

When I got back from the funeral up north I hurled myself back into training, and did a whopping 11 sessions (7 cardio, 3 strength and 1 bouldering) in just 5 days. Then my body said “Dude, take a break!”. Which I did. Rest day on Wednesday (if you can call 4 hours of walking at work and then shopping at IKEA a rest day…). Felt great again on Thursday and did 2 sessions, one cardio and one strength, before work.

And this morning (friday) I had a huge cardio workout. 90 minutes! Average pulse of 140 which is 75% of my max pulse. It was 60 minutes of hard uphill walking followed by 30 minutes of running. And I felt good throughout.

This weekend I am going to do a bike ride in the morning (Saturday and Sunday), and garden work (!) on Saturday. Sunday will hopefully yield a bouldering session as well.

Things are looking good.

Another week gone by

Did 3 sessions of hard cardio and 3 short sessions of strength training this week. Weightloss on schedule.

My strength sessions are mostly core and antagonist strength (push ups, hanging leg ups, bridge, reverse wrist curls) but include some dead hangs from my fingerboard as well. 5 x 10 count on good holds, and 5 x 5 count on small tricky holds. Allready feeling stronger after 3 sessions so that feels good.

Hope to get back to 5 cardio sessions this week in addition to continuing the strength sessions. Will be working a little later this week, so I might go for doing the strength work at the gym, and just doing deadhangs (and maybe some rotator cuff exercises) at home. We’ll see how it turns out.

I am nackered when weekend comes, but I feel fitter and stronger every week. This season will be something else I am sure of it.


I have pedaled to work 2 days in a row. Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I lifted weights after work before I pedaled back to the car, and today I worked 12 hours, spent 7 of those hours schlepping tons of mail around, then pedaled back to the car. Both days I was pretty tired before getting on the bike, but pushed through. And mornings are getting cold. So I’m pretty pleased with myself for doing it more than once. I am also pushing down the time every day, which is motivating.

Times so far.

To work : 41 min – 38 min – 35 min.

Back to the car: 60 min – 45 min – 42 min.

60 minutes on sunday because I was so damn sore. The other days I have a lot of hours between trips so that’s the reason for the huge gap in time. Hope to do both ways in 60 minutes total one day. Hehe. Aiming high in everything.

Tomorrow I will take the car because I am heading off to Telemark right after work. A friend of mine and I are going to Gaustatoppen (summit 1883 meters above sea level) on saturday, and we’re camping out friday night. Forecast is excellent, and the view is supposed to be extraordinary. Will post pics.

Monday I hope to climb. That leaves the rest of the week for pedaling. Looking forward to it. I really am. Crazy, I know.

New fitness project

Every morning I drive to work. It takes 45 minutes, give or take. After about 30 minutes I pass a sign that says parking + bus. For a while I have contemplated taking advantage of the parking space, and instead of taking the bus, riding my bicycle the rest of the way to work. But I have been loathe to try it because the return journey after a hard days work strikes me as torturous uphill pedaling.

Today I tried it to see how much time it takes, and to decide if it is something I would be prepared to undertake on a daily basis. I was also going to lift some weights at the gym at work before returning to the car.

The ride to work from the parking was surprisingly hard and lasted a good 40 minutes. Towards the end of the ride I was starting to feel it in my lower back and even more so a little lower than that… Turns out it is almost 14 kilometers one way. And almost 30 for the round trip. Might not sound like a lot if your a pedal machine, but for me, it’s (more than) enough. When I arrived at work I discovered I had forgotten the access card, so I could not get into the gym. Instead I had my lunch, hung my jacket to dry and tried to compose myself for the return journey. It was indeed hideous. My ass hurt like hell. My lower back as well. My thighs were burning from going up all the time. At least it felt that way, but there were brief stretches of respite where I could stand on the pedals and stretch my aching back. In the end I did arrive at the car one hour after departure from my place of employment.

Well home, after a shower and a hot cup of herbal tea (with chilli and cocoa) I decided I would give it a go. Monday is a shit day to start anything, and I have a lot of errands to run anyways. So Tuesday is D-day for project “Ride a bicycle one-third of the way to work and back again”. I think I will try to do 2 or three days this week, and then see how it feels.

The hardest part just might be to get up a full hour and fifteen minutes earlier to manage to do the bike ride and take a shower before starting work. 4 am does not sound too damn tempting. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I used my HRM on the return trip, and it said I had used over 700 calories. I estimate the total both ways around 1200 calories. Which is not bad at all. Combine that with walking for 3-4 hours at work and taking Dante for walks in the evening I should be able to drop some weight for sure. We’ll see how much of an optimist I am in a couple of weeks…

Late nite bouldering

Went for a couple of hours of late night bouldering with OA today. Got there around quarter till 9 and left around 11 (closing time).

Had a lot of good burns. Did my first blue problem. Very pleased with that. Was yet again reminded of how much cooler it is to climb with someone, than it is to climb alone. Got some good tips on technique, footwork and creating my own problems when I run out of ready-made problems around my level. Which was a cool thing to do.

OA also showed me the fabled exercise room. And it was pretty cool. System wall, finger boards, campus boards, red cord, weights, and some stuff I don’t know the name for. I am looking forward to trying the system wall sometime. Again I got some good tips on how to use the fingerboard more effectively. Good stuff.

I had fun climbing, it is great to learn new stuff and the company was good. Looking forward to the next time.